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Joshua Leatherman to Speak at the Small Giants Summit in Detroit

Updated: May 15

Josh Leatherman speaking on Leadership, Culture, Sales and Marketing at Small Giants

Joshua will speak at the Small Giants Summit in Detroit, Michigan. Learn more about Small Giants, the summit and the speaker lineup here:

From Small Giants:

"Service Express is a prime example of intentional and enduring growth. Joshua Leatherman has been on board throughout all of their unprecedented growth and has learned a thing or two as the Chief Marketing Officer.

From the Summit stage, Josh is going to share about the greatest conflict between marketing and sales: the idea that marketing drives good qualified leads and the sales team thinking those leads are not up to par or capturing the right profiles. This is why Josh created a team called "Revenue Operations" to act as a combination of marketing and sales ops, meant to provide an objective perspective and systematic accountability between the two teams.

We're eager to learn from Josh about how this checks and balance system has been effective for the company, and why it might be for yours."

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