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Speaking & Media Requests

Josh speaks at select events and is a frequent media guest. 

If you believe that Leatherman's expertise may align with the goals of your event or project, he'd be happy to consider. 

Leatherman speaks on the following topics:


  • Building a high-growth & highly engaged organization.  My path from $30 million to $300 million as Chief Marketing Officer with Service Express. #TheServiceExpressWay

  • Growth Marketing: Why Marketing is the only team equipped to drive pipeline and revenue growth at-scale.  The mechanics of a high-growth B2B Marketing organization. 

  • How we accelerated our business growth by prioritizing the growth of our people.  Service Express' mission to cultivate a culture of growth that empowers our people to achieve their personal, professional and financial goals. 

  • How to build a highly-engaged and strongly-aligned organization by only measuring what matters (performance measurement). 

  • How to build a recession resilient business.

Josh is a Chief Marketing Officer, investor & advisor first. He's selective in his speaking and media commitments and most often selects those that align well with the priorities of his primary roles.  He doesn't charge fee's




Leatherman has been a featured speaker at The Dreamforce World Tour, the Service Industry Association, the People + People Summit among other events. 



Josh is a frequent Podcast guest and has been featured on Renegade Thinkers and The Marketer's Journey.


He's been featured in a number of publications including AdAge.   

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Leatherman frequently contributes as a panelist at events.  

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